Contemporary Natural Cladding Stone Design

Lately, there has been an astronomical rise in the international theatre, this rise pertains to the use of natural cladding stone in conjunction with South African interior design methods. South Africa has been a part of this trend all the way up into 2017, with an undoubted continuance into 2018.

Natural design, as it relates to interior design, has a timeless elegance when implemented properly. It has reached the point of becoming a permanent fixture on the interior design scene, always remaining a valid option for those seeking a new perspective. Cladding Stone tiles, walling stone, every cladding stone product down to furnishings fall under this fixture.

Natural Stone cladding Usage

Exterior Stone CladdingUsed as interior design materials, decoration, room furniture, and even light fixtures, natural stone offers unique ways to distinguish and personalise your personal space. Alongside being flexible, with very little you can’t achieve in the way of aesthetics, they also offer durability and practicality into a space. Natural, earthy colours are highly appealing, and with the dizzying array of patterns, textures, and subtle colour tones they offer, it’s no wonder they’ve found their own share of the interior design scene.

Unlike many materials, furnishings, and interior design methods, stone can also be very aesthetically complementary to most other kinds of stones. Thanks to their subtle tones,  tiles of one colour can usually harmonise with the walling stone of another. They are bold design statements, and new options that reach the market every day are providing an ever-widening range of options to home and office owners.


Despite the compatibility of differing colours in stones, colour schemes remain important, and consistency is still recommended to maximise the “wow” factor you can achieve in your own design. Additionally, natural stone design should not only account for colours that are trendy at a particular time. Going this route may lead to regret years down the line when trends have moved on.

In tiles, for example, It should be important to note the texture and pattern alongside its colour, to make sure that you have found which combinations you like most as opposed to what is popular at the time. In this way, you are able to ensure that your end result remains timeless for you, the most important person you’re trying to impress. The same can be said for the walling stone, furnishings, and otherwise.

Final Thoughts

The use of stone in interior design is currently at a point in time where it makes a statement to all that view it. And, with the right amount of effort and research, it can remain that way, ensuring your end result becomes truly unique and timeless.

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